Glo NG replies Why Their Customer Data is Not Coming Up As Customers Lay Their Complains

Resently, most Glo subscribers are confused as their 3G data network is not coming unless they have active data plan on their SIM. This experience has made people who solely depend on Globacom to be offline for some hours now. But what actually is the reason for this recent data outage? 

Many of us believe it might be because of the Glo 0.0kb cheat which most Nigerians has been enjoying for a long time. First, in thier quest to block the cheat, they stopped some of the working proxy servers but after new servers were discovered and used to make the glo cheat work again, they now decided to turn off data connection for SIM cards without active data plans.
This simply means for you to browse with your glo line, you definitely need to purchase or subscribe to data and your 3G/4G data will be ON again.

However, some people took to Twitter to complain and enquire from Globacom why they are not being able to switch ON data connection on SIM with 0.00kb credit balance and Glo dropped this reply below. 

Good Afternoon, we empathize. Please be patient, service will be restored soon. SG

That was their reply when a guy called Mohammed Ayobami asked to know why he wasn't able to switch ON glo data on his phone for the past hour.

So if your data refuse to turn on, know that its not a fault from your smartphone nor your sim but from the network providers.

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