HBO Hackers Just Released More Game of Thrones TV Show Episodes

It seems that HBO’s hacking does not seem to have come to an end yet. After the cyber-crooks leaked information and a chapter from the Game of Throne series, the threats did not stop. However, now HBO hackers just released more unaired TV show episodes.

The condition to end the leaks is a payment of about 6 million dollars in Bitcoin, a figure that the company has not paid to the hackers yet. However, a further leak claims that HBO contacted the hacker to offer them a hefty amount as bug bounty reward, as recently, we have informed you all about this.

But, still, the HBO hack continues to give a lot of talks. A few days ago we knew that the company had offered a reward of 250,000 dollars, seeking to stop this situation. Today we see that his nightmare is not yet over.

Several episodes of the new season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ (also known as ‘Larry David’) have been leaked, as well as episodes of Insecure (which was released last night), Ballers, Barry and The Deuce.

For its part, HBO issued a statement in which they say they are not going to “play” the game proposed by the hackers, who demand a ransom of millions of dollars in Bitcoins:-

Here is what the HBO stated:

We will not make comments every time when the new data is leaked. Hackers can continue to extract pieces of information and publish them, but it is a game in which we will not participate.

Of course, this time there was no leak related to ‘Game of Thrones’. In the case of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, the ninth season is expected to arrive next October.

Till to the date, it seems HBO is still exposed to hacking, after last August 8 leaked more information as the private phone of some actors of Game of Thrones and more scripts of new episodes of the seventh season.

It seems that hackers will continue to attract attention, week after week, stripping everything they have managed to hack. What also seems to be very clear is that HBO is not willing to negotiate with them.
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