Meet This Video Chat Device Been Developed By Facebook

Facebook if not the best then one of the best social media as at the time of writing this post is rumored to be working on a laptop-sized touchscreen device and it will be announced next year, according to a report on Bloomberg on Tuesday. This said device is being developed inside Facebook's secretive Building 8 hardware lab, which is tasked with creating consumer hardware and shipping it to millions of people. 

This will come with a touchscreen measuring between 13" and 15" diagonally, and might run a version of Android. It will feature a wide-angle camera and AI-powered microphones and speakers. The device is said to be in testing at the moment, including "in people's homes", despite still being in the prototype phase.

Facebook is also working on an Amazon Echo-like smart speaker, per Bloomberg, echoing a recent report from Digitimes that said the speaker is on track to ship in early 2018.

Both devices will reportedly be powered by a Facebook voice assistant that functions similarly to Apple's Siri. The new devices represent a new phase in Facebook’s hardware ambitions.

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