Meet Union Bank Mobile All in One Bank Application | How To Download UMobile

Union bank has decided to follow suit and called this one UMobile. Bringing everything consigning their customers transaction to one application. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you are too busy to go to the bank to deposit cash? I will be saying, dont worry, be happy, to Union Bank customers, because Union bank made something for you and for your smartphone its called Union Bank Mobile Application (UMobile).

What You Can Do With Union bank Mobile Application:
  • PERFORM BASIC TRANSACTIONS: Union bank mobile application is just like other banks mobile application which you can use to make transfers, recharge your smartphone, Pay Bills and etc.
  • OPEN ACCOUNTS RIGHT FROM YOUR MOBILE PHONE: Just like the other latest bank applications in this category, the new UnionMobile wants to eliminate the need to visit a physical bank to open a new account. There is a limitation, though! You are only allowed to open a UnionSave account or a UnionSaveMore account, both of which have restrictions when it comes to the amount that can be saved or withdrawn.
  • LOCATE BANK AGENT: Now, this is a unique offering from Union Bank. Like the name of the feature suggests, it will allow you to locate a Union Bank agent within a 5km radius to help you to withdraw and deposit money or even open a bank account, and at the moment, Union Bank boasts of about 700 agents nationwide. For those who are wondering, Union Bank claims that this is 100% safe, but you need to sign in to use this feature.
  • FIND THE NEAREST ATM OR BRANCH: This feature isn’t so new, but Union Bank will not only allow you to find the nearest Union Bank ATM or branch, it will also tell you if a particular ATM is dispensing cash:
  • Check for the latest news, 
  • Find hot deals,
  • As well as check weather forecast without registering
How To Download Union Bank Mobile application?

Click on this download link on your Android device to download from google playstore and this one to download on your iOS devices.
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