Mozilla Firefox Send | How To Send Files of Any Size Using Mozilla Firefox Send

Firefox Send, the latest experiment from Mozilla, attempts to solve problems relating to one-time transfers of large files. 

Just click and drag any file up to 2GB using the web-based interface, in Firefox or Chrome. The file is encrypted, uploaded, and you will get a one-time link for sharing. Send the link to the person you want to share the file with. After the file is downloaded it will be deleted from Mozilla’s servers, meaning no one else can download it.

How To Upload and Share a File With Mozilla Firefox Send:
  • Open up Firefox or Chrome, ensuring your browser is up to date. Then enter this URL or click
  • Once the site loads up, click the blue box to select a file, or you can drag a file to your browser window from your computer’s file manager.
Once you do this the site will locally verify and encrypt your file before uploading it to the Firefox Send servers. Verifying and encrypting may take a while depending on your processor, and uploading might take a while depending on your internet connection and the file’s size. However long it takes, you will eventually get a link.
  • Share the link with the receiver and that is all
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Remember: the file can only be downloaded once, so don’t bother sending the link to multiple people. Once the file has been downloaded once it cannot be downloaded again, freeing up space on Mozilla’s servers while also ensuring you data stays secure.
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