9Mobile API | Nigerian software developers Receives boost Via New 9Mobile API

Nigerian software developers and their Small and Medium Enterprise partners may have their software solutions strengthened as 9mobile has agreed to give them access to telecommunication infrastructure through mobile communication Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) according to report 9Mobile is doing this through the partnership of Africa’s Talking, a Pan-African company focused on providing developers with an easy and reliable way to access telecommunication infrastructure.

The partnership sees the duo boosting the activities of Nigerian software developers and enabling SMEs to effectively engage customers across multiple channels. While 9mobile provides access to telecom apps, Africa Talking provides a sandbox environment for developers to use while learning how to work with the APIs as well as testing their applications before moving into production.

The Director, Digital Business, 9mobile, Adia Sowho, said that through direct connection to 9mobile’s infrastructure and the unified API platform Africa’s Talking provides, developers will be able to access and build innovative applications, while SMEs can use the platform to improve marketing capabilities.

We at 9mobile are delighted to partner with Africa’s Talking in the bid to support Nigerian software developers and SMEs as they build viable and scalable businesses. This partnership will provide quality and affordable mobile communication tools like two-way SMS and USSD APIs that they can embed into their day to day business activities to improve their marketing capabilities and interact easily with their customers. 
In the past decade, mobile communication has proven beneficial for businesses seeking to create and maintain meaningful relationships with their existing and future customers. It is through this that businesses are able to offer effective customer support, real time communication solutions, collect data as well as optimise their operations. With this solution, SMEs will also be able to tap into the local developer community to build systems that enhance business efficiency, leading to job creation and overall support of local talent. She added.

Sowho noted that with the partnership, individual developers do not need to interface directly with telco-grade protocols which prove to be difficult and time consuming.

With an estimated 250,000 developers in the country, having easy access to this infrastructure will encourage more developers to build innovative solutions that can directly impact the lives of the Nigerian populace. At 9mobile, we are always passionate about providing technology based support to innovative thinkers, Sowho said.
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