9Mobile Autorenew | How to Stop or Unsubscribe to GLO NG Automatic Data Renewal Via SMS and USSD code

In this post, i will be showing you How to Stop or Unsubscribe to 9Moble NG Automatic Data Renewal as fast and easy as possible. Its no longer news that telecom networks have a feature for data subscription called auto renewal and this auto renew feature, auto renews your data bundle. plan or subscription immediately your current data bundle subscription/plan gets to its expiring date and also deducts your airtime according to the value of the data bundle.

The average smartphone user or internet user would prefer to purchase these data plans at their convenience and time so most users do not like the auto renewal feature even though it may come with some benefits like having some extra days before your next subscription expires or extra data if you enable the auto renewal.

48 hours or 24 hours before your data subscription expires, you should get a text message informing you of the cutoff date or expiring date of your active data bundle subscription or plan and that the subscription will be auto renewed. It also comes with the code to disable the auto renewal however most users do not get this message or accidentally delete the message. To stop the auto renewal feature find the codes below for your network. 

How to Stop or Unsubscribe to 9Moble NG Automatic Data Renewal Via SMS

To Stop 9Moble NG Auto Renewal (autorenw) Send as SMS or message.

  • STOP 
  • to
  • 229 
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