Apple Spent $412.75 to Make Each iPhone X (iPhone 10)

The costs of components used in making the iPhone X has been revealed and it's estimated at $412.75 according to industry insiders in China. The phone which is also called iPhone 10 will sale for $1000 starting from September. This means Apple will make about 60% gain on each iPhone X sold.

  • The most expensive component is the 5.8” OLED panel manufactured by Samsung. It’s price is $80 per unit which is way higher than any other part. 
  • The NAND memory, acquired from Toshiba is $45 for 256 GB. 
  • The 3 GB RAM is half - only $24.
  • Apple announced the A11 Bionic chipset, which is built by TSMC on their 10 nm process technology. One chipset costs $26 while the modem that is plastered on it is provided by Qualcomm and is $18 more.
  • The 3D sensor is also in the expensive category - it is $25. It is packed behind the glass on the front panel which is another $18.
Note that the $412.75 price does not include the actual manufacturing, logistics and most importantly R&D costs. So don't get it twisted as the total production and other expenses could rise up to $590

The Apple iPhone X can be pre-ordered on October 27 and shipping starts on November 3.

Remember Apple launched the iPhone X (iPhone 10) as a special edition to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
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