Candy Crush Saga Trick | How to Enjoy Unlimited Live

Popular games come and go but there are only a handful of games that can claim to be as popular as Candy Crush. Ever since it was first launched on Facebook. The game has passed the days of annoying invitations since it was launched for Android and iOS. By 2013, Candy Crush Saga had been downloaded more than 500 million times across the three platforms and was the most downloaded app on the Apple app store. 

That’s simply a small glimpse into how popular the seemingly simple game is. But that’s not to say the game is perfect. The limited number of lives can be kind of a bummer if you’re a Candy Crush Saga fanatic. Luckily there is a way to get rid of the limitation and enjoy unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga on Android (and iOS).

There are many modded APKs available on the internet that claim to provide you unlimited lives and what not. But from a security standpoint, installing software from unknown sources is not a good idea. This is truer in the case of a popular game as Candy Crush Saga. Therefore we’re not going to recommend you to download any such APKs.

Not to mention that with a new APK, you’re going to have to uninstall your current game and start all over again. Furthermore, installing an APK from a third-party means you won’t receive the regular updates to the game. That is why we won’t be providing any cracked APKs either. That and the fact that we don’t give out cracks. But we do have a couple of simple tricks for you every time you run out of lives.

Method 1: Change Date & Time

Play the game like you normally would.
As soon as you run out of lives, close the game and go to your device’s Settings.
Then go to Date & Time settings. Now depending on the device you have you’ll find them right under Settings or under Settings > Advanced Settings.

In the Date & Time settings, toggle off the Automatic date & time option if it is turned on.
Now tap on Set time and set your device’s clock three hours ahead.

Go back and launch Candy Crush Saga again. Let the game load but do not play it yet. You will be setting your device’s date & time back to the original time. You just need to let the game load and apply your lives. Make sure you wait for a minute or two and that you have a working internet connection.

Now go back to the Date & Time settings and toggle on the Automatic date & time option. This will change your device’s date & time settings to the correct date & time.

You can now play Candy Crush Saga again until you run out of the newly replenished lives. At which point you can repeat the steps just the same way.

Method 2: Clear app data

For this method to work, make sure you have logged into the game via Facebook so that your progress is synced to the cloud.
When you run out of lives, go to Settings > Apps > Candy Crush Saga.
Here, select on Storage > Clear data.

Now relaunch the game and log in with your Facebook account to restore your progress.
You’ll notice that even as your progress is restored, so are your lives.

Granted, these aren’t ideal solutions. But if you are in love with this game and are fed up of waiting for new lives, this is much better than begging for new lives. It certainly is also safer than installing APKs from unknown sources. The methods described above are for Android devices only but also work on iOS, Windows or any other devices that you may have. These methods, unfortunately, do not work with the web version of Candy Crush Saga for obvious reasons. But for the uninitiated, that’s because you can not clear app data on the web and the game’s clock is synced to its own servers instead of your device’s clock.
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