Facebook Just Added An Awesome New Feature To Its Application | Facebook Private Profile

In recent times, the social media giant Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on incorporating new features to its app, Messenger app and as well as to its web platform. Now, it just added a new awesome and extraordinary feature to its application.

The social network giant Facebook, a company that this year has updated its online social network platform and its application for Android and iOS integrating different new modes and greater security.

No doubt, we have seen how the application has matured in an impressive way since its inception, but at the moment, it lacks much to improve, as it consumes a lot of RAM and therefore, the performance of our mobile phone drastically decreases; something unacceptable today.

Now, the social network giant Facebook is developing a new feature that will allow us to pass our profile to a private mode, so we can have the ability to share those photos with people we truly consider our most important friends and family. An option to keep our memories in the hands of other people.

It seems that many companies in the world that have their mobile application want to perform the same experiment. For example, Instagram is currently working on a function called “favorite friends”; something that the social network giant Facebook wants to follow, but in another way.

The social network giant Facebook, apparently wants us to be able to separate our best friends and family members from the rest of the users that are part of our profile. Something that is a priori understandable, but that will surely take a while to come true.

This information was found by Devesh Logendran, who noticed the existence of an APK of the latest beta version of the Facebook app, but for Android devices. However, at the moment update is not working, but there a button to pass our profile to private mode.

Undoubtedly, it is a much more direct movement that will allow us to make Facebook since it could do something similar, but individually, something extremely tedious for any of us. It is a pretty good feature and that should be launched soon and even more, considering that our photos and data could be exposed to the big world of the internet. Perhaps even a more gifted option for users who think about their safety.
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