FIFA 2018 (18) Download and Release Date

In this post, i will be answering major questions consigning FIFA 18 (FIFA 2018) football soccer game.

This post will answer the following question:
  • Is FIFA 18 officially released? 
  • When can I download FIFA 18? 
  • Is it available on Android, PS4, Xbox etc? 
  • How do I install FIFA 18? 
Well, as revealed in Microsoft's Xbox Store app on the Xbox One console, it looks like EA SPORTS' next edition of the popular FIFA series will follow a similar pattern with its previous version. Two weeks before the game's official retail release, the FIFA 18 demo looks to be set to go live September 15, 2017. Meanwhile, it also seems the PlayStation 4 demo will fall on the same day at roughly the same time.

However, because of time zone differences and recent history, it's expected to get to different people from different regions at slightly different time. For those who go to great lengths to change their console's region to New Zealand/Australia/etc may be able to gain access as early as the 14th of September.

Recall two months ago, people started pre-ordering for FIFA 18 and while we are still waiting for it to be officially live, we are still enjoying the FIFA 17 game.

The screenshot on this article was from an Xbox One that shows the now expected demo release date.
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