How to Control VLC Media Player Using Gestures

Learn how to Use Gestures to Control VLC Playback by which you can easily control your playback using one simple trick. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

VLC media player is the best known third party media player app that is available for almost every major operating system either on the smartphones or on the computer devices. The reason why this pack of the media player has gained such a huge audience is that it provided all the best features and the related functions all for free. The users never need to install any other app to fulfill their requirements. The best thing about the VLC is that it can be used to control the media playback aspects through the simple but quick gestures. Most of the new users and sometimes the average users of VLC does are not introduced with the number of gestures that actually persist on the VLC. Knowing almost every single gesture feature of the VLC we have decided to reveal these all to the beginners so that they can utilize this potential tool with abundance power. So here we are to start up listing about all the gestures of VLC media player, just keep on reading the post till the end and you will definitely know so many useful gestures!

How to Control VLC Media Player Using Gestures

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the below guide to proceed.

Swipe Up on the Left Side of the Screen:

If you are using the VLC media player and playing any sort of video or movies then you would experience sometimes required to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen so that the Xperience cannot be bricked. Think about changing the brightness of the screen and you will have to go through various options. But now inside the VLC, you can simply do that without even leaving the video playback. The swipe up gesture if done on the left side of the screen can increase the brightness of your display.

Swipe Down the Left

Again using the swipe but now on the down flow at the left side of the screen can change the brightness of the display to the lesser shine. This is also done inside the VLC only and you will not require leaving the video playback for the function.

Swipe down on the Right

Inside the VLC while playing the videos you can also decrease the sound of the video through swiping down the screen at the right side of the display. Alike to the above software you need to do nothing but remain on watching the video as the option will not interrupt the video playback.
Swipe Above on the Right side

Simple it is to increase the sound of the videos inside the VLC. Just swipe above the screen and you will be able to see your video with the hiked sound!

Finally, you have now gained so much about the gestures of the VLC that you can now easily master the quick flow usage of this amazing media player. By this, you will also be saving lots of stuttering time between the playback that you would either have made for making any simple changes only. We hope that you all would have grasped the fullest amount of information regarding the usage and the working of all the various different gestures on the VLC media player. Please try to share this article with others so that they can also gain this essential working knowledge about the VLC controlling. Make sure that you also comment below about the information in this article so that we can identify how it helped you and what all was lacking etc.
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