Infinix Note 4 Pro Users, Are You Having This Same Issue?

Oh no this is not good… Apparently, some Infinix Note 4 Pro (recently launched device with X-Pen) users are complaining bitterly about the charging frequency of the device. I don’t know if all Note 4 Pro users are experiencing this ish or just some selected few.

According to the user,
The note 4 Pro takes more than 5hours to get 67% while charging
Charger don't work at all when its low current I read about this charger before I bought this phone I was told its Xcharge 4.0..... The charger that came with infinix note 3 is much more better, charges fast and even charge more faster when current is low...

According to him, he got the Note 4 Pro few days ago. Another user too said 

Too bad mine is one month old now. but I somehow believe you.

 I don’t know if some other Note 4 users are experiencing this same issue. Is your fast charge working well?
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