Meet The Accredited TSTV Satellite TV Decoder Dealers in All States in Nigeria | How to Check

I hope we all know about TSTV Satelite tv by now? If no, Click here to learn or know more about TSTV Satelite tv and Click here to know or learn more on TSTV Satellite Tv Decoder Full List of Channels in Their Bouquets and if yes is your answer, then continue reading to know or meet the Accredited TSTV Satellite TV Decoder Dealers in All States in Nigeria.

TSTV Satelite tv will launch in Nigeria in few days time precisely October 1st. Here is how to check all accredited TSTV Satelite tv Decoder dealers nationwide right from the comfort of your home, working place or market. 

Well, according to official announcement from the company, the Decoder and service will be available in cities like Abuja, Anambra, Bauchi, Delta, Enugu, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Pleateau, and Taraba but will be spread to other states as soon as it's launched.

How To Check Accredited TSTV Satellite TV Decoder Dealers in All States in Nigeria
  • First of all, visit their official site
  • Select your state and you’ll see the name, location, email and number of the dealer that sells TSTV Satelite tv decoder. 
Even if you didn't see any dealer very close to your location, don't worry. The accreditation process is still ongoing and more dealers will be accredited as time goes on.

Recall, TSTV Satelite tv is a brand new "pay as you view" pay TV network launching in Nigeria on October 1st to rival the likes of TSTV Satelite tv, GoTV, Startimes etc. They offer so many channels at a very cheap price. Even the decoder and dish price are unbelievably cheap. You can see the full TSTV information for more details.

Meanwhile, you too can also be a dealer or sales representative. Head over to their website or contact them via their Facebook page for more information.
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