Meet New Facebook Colored Comments Features

Facebook is reportedly working on new feature that allows you post comments in colored backgrounds. This will be similar to the new Facebook post update color background that was introduced few months ago but this time, it appears inside post comments. In other words, Facebook is adding colored backgrounds to the comments section.

This was revealed by TNW and the feature would allow you to choose from chaotic colors/gradients, including orange, bright green, and purple. It is currently in test mode, though, and I sincerely pray it stays there forever.

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform with billions of users globally. Mark Zuckerberg is not even showing any sign of stopping in his quest to make Facebook more attracting and addictive with timely updates and new features being added.

Well, personally, I would still prefer Facebook roll out features that will bring dark theme for the application and site just as twitter did so that one can use Facebook in the night without bad effects to the eyes.
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