Meet The New Windows 10 Microsoft Store

As part of the tech giant Microsoft’s strategy to give a new focus to its store application for Windows 10, the Redmond company, of course, the tech giant Microsoft has decided to change its name and revolutionize the app store on Windows 10.

As part of its strategy to give a new focus to its store application for Windows 10, the California company Redmond has decided to change its name – among other news to the Microsoft Store.
Microsoft Store, the company’s new approach to its app store

The changes made by the leading software development company have begun to be viewed by users of the Insiders program of the popular operating system in the recent release of the Release Preview ring.

As the tech giant Microsoft’s Insider points out, this evolution not only means a simple change of name but also it represents a new perspective adopted by the Redmond to diversify and unify in one place the company’s product stores.

Apparently, the intentions are to unify in the Microsoft Store to the classic Windows Store, with which you can download applications, games and more, with the company’s official store of products.

That way, as explained in Windows Central, users could start buying some of their own devices, such as Surface tablets and even some other third-party products.

Similarly, with the advent of this novelty, the store would also experience a redesign both by its logo and the full appearance of its interface, acquiring a design concept much more minimalist and sober.

While on the other hand, several rumors indicate that the Store would also be multiplatform, so that it could be accessed from all devices compatible with Windows 10, adding variants to the access.

Everything seems to indicate that these changes will finally come with the new operating system update, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which would be officially launched next November.
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