New MIUI 9 Features You Should Know

Let’s have a look at MIUI 9 Features That You Should Know. We have mentioned all the new features that are somehow better than the old ones. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

MIUI 9 that is going to be the latest and the flagship operating system interface of the Xiaomi devices have already passed its beta version. The testers from all around the world have worked over it to make it look exceptionally great and we believe that the upcoming results are going to be the same. 

Yet it is still far from the release, but MIUI 9’s numerous new features and the functions have been pierced over to the users. Basically, it is all clear that the Xiaomi developers have worked really hard for this important MIUI 9 update and this, in turn, reveals that amazing new features have been added. Here in this article, we have written about the 12 new amazing features of the MIUI 9 that are actually added inside this great user interface for the Xiaomi devices. If you are a Xiaomi fan then you should take a look at their work and how they have implemented the amazing quality functions inside their software. So let’s get started on it!

Smart Assistant

Search for almost anything on your device or on the google, internet etc. This is a smart assistant like a Google Now which is actually embedded inside your device.

Smart App Launcher

This is the fully designed and crafted well base launcher app for the MIUI 9 which totally turns the look and the feel of the device.

Image Search

The amazing search bar has been added to the UI so as the users could be able to search for the data and information on the internet or on the device storage itself.

System Optimizations

It is obvious that all the developers would be working on the achievements of optimized systems rather than just an update on the features. Some have been done with the MIUI and the whole system is made fully optimized!

Quick Reply and Notification Management

Several notification panel gestures have been added and there is a new feature called notification filter added to the UI which makes it easier to filter out the important messages out of the useless messages!

Home Screen Enhancements

So many different alterations and added inches to the home screen in the MIUI. There is an option to run the different launcher right on the home screen that is really a cool addition!

Lock Screen Enhancements

There have been added elements on the lock screen which you will be loving. There is one page on the lock screen where the users can see all the connected devices to the Xiaomi device that is owned by the user.

Security App Enhancements

There are unique enhancements in the security app of the software that would be greatly helpful in preventing the attacks and keep the device totally secure.

Split Screen Multitasking

Like in the Windows computers you can split your screen to do two tasks at a time, the MIUI have also gained this functionality and thou have the users attained it now.

New Animations Across the Full UI

Throughout the UI of this MIUI interface, users will be able to witness several new high-class animations that are really appealing


All new 3 themes have been added to the system of the MIUI and hence the users can give their device great looks all on the spot.

Cannot say more about this feature as it is all new but it all looks like some experimental feature that could be meant for the developers.

You might have gone crazy to buy the new Xiaomi smartphone after you read this whole article, and those users with the Xiaomin devices must be interested to get the MIUI 9 on their devices. It is all about the time, most possibly the Xiaomi will be adding the launching this UI for all the devices. We have tried to provide you with the all best-availed features that are added inside the new MIUI but still if anyone among you finds any other features too then they can tell us about that. Just log on to the comments section below and from there type or paste all your opinions and the suggestions regarding the post.
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