Rochas Okorocha Donates N5.5m To Facebook Groups To Celebrate Birthday

Governor of Imo State Owelle Rochas Okorocha has donated N5.5 Million Naira to some Facebook groups to celebrate his 55th birthday. According to Nwanyi Afikpo who seems to be the coordinator of this giveaway, some top Facebook Groups will benefit and members who participate in a competition will smile home with cash prizes, scholarships as well as consolation prizes and airtime. Below is an excerpt from what she posted on her Facebook wall concerning this free money splash by the Governor to Facebook Groups. 

Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha​ Is The Magnanimous Donor!

The Executive Governor of Imo state, His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha​ is the giant behind the 5.5 mega million amount I am about to share to you all through various contests from today. This is in celebration of his 55th Birthday coming up in a few days!!! How did I land this mega goodie for you all? I was invited to witness the empowerment of artists in the state about a month ago.

They know I love to dance, and that I love art and music, and that I also happen to be in the media, so it was only befitting that Afikpo Chic be there to witness it. On that day, over 10s of millions of Naira was given to the artists. I was amongst those invited to the stage too to dish out the mula to the artists, which included, top Nollywoord actors/actresses and fast rising music stars.

In fact earlier that day 2 Face was there to sign one of them. Owelle provided to take off fund for the young talented music star. I had fun, mehnnnn. The crowd treated me like some mega star. Biko who spits out suger? Who no like berra thing. I soaked it all in. By acting like one super star kwanu. You trust me. Mje egbu onwom? I no go kill myself, umunnem, lol. Obum si eze muam? Hia!!!
Afterwards, I went to the Imo government house to see Owelle and chat him up briefly about the occasion. While there the issue of his 55th Birthday popped up. That is how I landed this 5.5 million naira that is going to be shared to you all starting tonight.

BREAKING NEWS!! I did not stop there, I told His Excellency, Owelle Ndi Igbo, that Igboist group, the largest gathering of Igbos online in the world would want to REMEMBER his big day in a special way. I requested an Igboist be given a scholarship; as part of the celebration, after all GIDIGIDI BU UWGU EZE. I was shocked when he said, make it 5. Apparently to go with his #project55555, which is awarding scholarships to 5 children from 55 African countries; in honor of his 55th Birthday.

Soon, I will announce a contest that will decide the 5 Igboists to be awarded the scholarships; and then do so immediately. You must be Igbo and a member of Igboist group qualify for this one. You see say I no dey para when I tell you say when I dey hustle for me I dey hustle for you too. In short my eye go dey red for you. Let's go there!!!!

Because this money is huge, I have recruited 4 people that will be doing the wiring of the mula and gifting of airtime. This one is way too huge for me to handle alone with an assistant as usual. I can handle sharing 2 million Naira but this one, Oh my God. Na die if I try am. So, be rest assured everything is in control.

5.5 MILLION NAIRA CONTEST: It starts tonight. There will be up to 10 contest with various amounts (#5,000, #10,000, #15,000, #20,000 & an exclusive contest with a prize tag of #55,000) to be won. Thousands will win consolation prizes #1,000 , #2,000 or Airtime. I bought #500,000 worth of airtime yesterday for this; that way this sweet breeze ga'efesi plenty people. The first contest will be posted tonight at 10 PM. I wan share this mula fast make I know my true account balance, biko nu. MULA MUST CHANGE HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DATE: Tonight, September 19, 2017.
  • Time 11 PM.
  • VENUE: Maria Ude Nwachi wall:
  • FOLLOW: Follow Maria Ude Nwachi ( wall to avoid missing any action. Click on add friend or Follow and it's done.
NOTE: THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO ALL NIGERIANS. Other criteria will be posted on the contest itself.

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