TSTV Satellite TV | How To Get 200+ Channels, 20GB Free Data on TSTV Africa

Have heard about TSTV? if your answer is no then allow me to introduce to you a new satellite TV, partnered with a Europe-based television station, ABS Global, to launch into the Nigerian Broadcasting Service a Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite TV. They are suppose to have launched July 25th but was postponed to 1st of October due to logistics.

The New TSTV offers you Pay-As-You-Consume TV service, meaning you only pay for what you consume.

The New TSTV Decoder offers 200+(but will be starting with 100+) Channels, Free 200GB of Data, Video calls, Pause subscription, Record & Playback feature and more.

This is Everything You Need to know About TSTV Satellite Launching 1st of October
How Much is TSTV Decoder?
TSTV Decoder + Dish will cost N5000, offers you 200+ Channels, free 20GB Data, Video Calls, Pause subscription, Record & Playback feature and much more...

How Much is TSTV Subscription Fee?
TSTV Subscription fee ranges from N200, N500, N1000, N1500, and N3000

Is Subscription Monthly?
No, You pay as you consume

What Channels Can I Watch on TSTV
TSTV shows Live Sport like UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, Fox Sport,
Fashion Style, Nollywood, Series Movies, Movie Box, Trace TV, TeleNova,Bollywood Fox, MBC, Kids Channels, Health and lifestyle and much more

TSTV Service Locations?
TSTV will function in all states but according to what is on their twitter page, they are suppose to launch in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, owerri and Kano first before other states.

Where Can I Buy DSTV Decorder?
It will be available Nation wide from 1st of October 2017.

How Can I be a Dealer or Sales Representative?
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And finally, nothing like premium subscription as it is pay as you consume, you are entitle to all channels.

Highlights Features of TSTV Decorder
  • +200 Channels,
  • Pause Function
  • Wifi: 20GB Free data
  • Inbuilt Camera for video calling
  • Affordable subscription
  • and 50GB storage space.
Your can check See you 1st of October 2017.

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