VIRUS ALERT!!! ExpensiveWall | Beware of this Malware Currently Spreading Via Google Playstore

A new dangerous Malware called ExpensiveWall is currently affecting more than 21.1Million Android devices right now. To make things worst, this malicious malware/virus is also traced in Google Playstore according to reports. So this post is to alert you and other Android users about this Malware so that you can stay protected from being attacked. 

The ExpensiveWall Malware was revealed by researchers at Check Point and it has already affected at least 50 apps on Google Play, which were downloaded between 1 million and 4.2 million times before they were removed.

"Lovely wall paper" is one of the infected apps on Playstore. The ExpensiveWall malware was “packed” inside wallpaper apps, which allowed it to escape Google Play's built-in anti-malware protections.

How ExpensiveWall Works

The ExpensiveWall malware packed inside an android apps, will ask users for permissions, such as SMS and internet access. If granted, the malware will start sending premium SMS messages and register users for other paid services that don't exist without the user's knowledge.

Though granting apps permissions are normal but absolutely abnormal for a wall paper to be asking users for permission for sms or internet access.


It's always advisable not to install apps from unknown sources and if you want to install from playstore, ensure you install trusted apps that has been available for at least one year with good reviews and high number of downloads.
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