Warning From NCC Do Not Use Substandard Phone it Causes Cancer

raphblog.com.ng wants to say Happy New Month to you all and I sincerely wish my Muslim brothers and sisters EID-EL-KABIR Celebration. Please show love to the poor and less privilege around you. Meanwhile, Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) sincerely warns Nigerians against the use of substandard phones a.k.a low quality or less privileged or counterfeit mobile phones because it causes cancer. Substandard phones are dangerous to health therefore you are advice to run away from them.

Substandard Phone was responsible for some of the cancer ailments being suffered by the citizens. The regulatory body also identified unapproved Phone as a major cause of network interruptions, which it said were also having negative implications on health of users.

How To Know A Substandard Phone:
  • They are so cheap
  • They look like the original phone 
  • No warranty
  • Fake battery
Don’t fall victim to counterfeit phones. Your health is so important to your wealth. Avoid substandard Phone… NCC warns.

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