2017 Black Friday Sales are you Ready For Konga and Jumia NG

2017 Black Friday is fast approaching and there is no better time in the year to buy products at almost half their prices than the Black Friday sales day. Some have saved the whole year just for this day.

Now, what is it in the first place: Black Friday?

The Black Friday is traditionally practiced in America a day following Thanksgiving day where items are sold for little to no price. Which later spread to other parts of Europe.

Now it has become a global celebration where prices of products are slashed by half their prices, some products are even discounted to an all time low where you can get them for a ridiculously cheap price. It has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Black Friday is not just any Friday, it is a unique day falls on the last Friday of every month in November in which most businesses record the best sales and profit ever. Not only that, but goods are extremely cheaper than what the eyes can see. I can't imagine myself getting a high-end smartphone that cost N260,000 for N130,000 or a laptop of N150,000 for just N75,000. It's too good to be real, but one of the best time of the year to get your desired stuff online or anywhere else is on Black Friday. Refer to Wikipedia for more detail about Black Friday (shopping).

Ideally, Jumia being the biggest E-commerce store in Africa joined the global shopping tradition in 2014. Jumia Black Friday 2017 Festival is inching closer and it promises to be all shades of amazing.

Customers can get the best discount prices, more than 1,000,000 deals will be available, ranges from phones and tablets from top brands, electronics such as audio systems, televisions, home theatres, DVD Players, Cameras, Electronics bundles, Home & Kitchen appliances and a whole lot more. Jumia will offer the best deals you can find on almost all the products in their store. If you’ve not been saving for this day, you need a new savings bank account dedicated for this purpose.

Jumia is Set to Break a Black Friday Record!
Jumia Black Friday 2017 is slated to hold from November 13th to December 13th! Yes, you heard right! For 31 days, the Jumia Black Friday Festival will be lighting up Nigeria with deals, discounts, and giveaways!

Don’t want to miss out 2017 Jumia Black Friday? Visit and bookmark the specially created page for Jumia Black Friday 2017, Click here Jumia BlackFriday.

Konga Black Friday Yakata Sales Online
The countdown to that amazing day has begun. "Yakata deals" Konga’s version of Black Friday 2017 will start on the 6th to 10th November 201 (the final day for the promotion is not stated yet). It will feature deals across all categories ranging from Phones and Tablets from top brands, Electronics such as Audio Systems, Televisions, Home Theatres, DVD Players, Cameras, Electronics Bundles, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Laptops, Generators, Baby Essentials and a whole lot more. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the ridiculously lowest prices on Games & Consoles like PS4, PS3, Xbox and Nintendo games. Don't miss out on the greatest discounts you can get this Black Friday season with our Yakata deals and sales online!

Don’t want to miss out 2017 Konga Black Friday Yakata? Visit and bookmark the specially created page for Konga Black Friday Yakata 2017, Click Konga BlackFriday-Yakata.

Keep in mind that you can make Big Money from Black Friday 2017
Some of the clever guys take advantage of Black Friday to make huge profits. Most of the products are sold at more than half of the normal price. If you’re smart enough or entrepreneur, you can buy products in bulk and then resell at the normal price, when Black Friday event is over.
Get prepared for Black Friday, get ready to make huge profits, and get ready to get your dream device at half price or even cheaper price.

For you not to miss out of this exciting shopping event. I will advise you opt-in to any of the above Black Friday deal links, and follow up their event by Sign up to their newsletter with your email address. Also, we'll continue hunting down all the best Black Friday Deals, sharing them with you right here, so stay glued.
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