Apple Just Released iOS And macOS Source Code On Github

We all know very well that the tech giant Apple, a company that everyone thinks is closed to the community. But, now it seems that the mentality of the tech giant Apple is changing, hence, the tech giant Apple just open-sourced and released iOS and macOS source code on GitHub.

The tech giant Apple, a company that everyone thinks is closed to the community, has a habit of making its MacOS kernel available when launching a new version of its desktop operating system. This time it was no different and with the macOS High Sierra on the street, the kernel of this new version was made public.

Also, iOS was entitled to the same treatment and the kernel of this operating system was also made public since its base is the same as the one used by MacOS. These new versions let you know a little more about the core of macOS and iOS to access these data now disclosed.

For those who do not know, the kernel is basically the core of the operating system source code and in which the applications, the graphical interface, and other elements are executed. It is also the kernel that runs the integration of hardware and software.

The tech giant Apple from the early versions of OS X always discloses this source code. It is not extremely useful or valuable, but lets you find out a bit more about the Cupertino brand, Apple’s operating systems.

More recently, the source code for iOS was also disclosed and, by analyzing the information inserted in the source code of the two operating systems, code fragments were found, which, of course, refer to devices with ARM architecture.

This could be very interesting for anyone wishing to make altered versions of iOS for other devices, but in this case, the code released by the tech giant Apple will not be very useful since it contains only the operating system kernel, lacking many layers of information necessary to execute the operating system.

In addition to this, there is still the inflexibility of the licenses of use of this source code by the tech giant Apple, not even identical to the licenses of Linux or other open systems.

Some rumors also indicate that the tech giant Apple may be preparing MacOS to run on devices with ARM architecture. Such a hypothesis is not completely ruled out, but the fact that the MacOS kernel has code that might indicate this does not necessarily mean that the tech giant Apple is preparing something in this context. We await more information and news coming from the tech giant Apple.
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