Facebook New Update Now Allows Group Admins to Ban Members From Commenting

Facebook is more fun, educative, enlightening and interesting though it depends on the groups you joined. Your groups on Facebook determines the kind of information that you get but in all, groups are one of the best features of Facebook especially when it's interactive via the comments section. But you may not like what Mark Zuckerberg just added now. 

Facebook has added a new feature which allows Facebook Group Admins to stop, restrict or ban someone from commenting on the group's posts. This simply means Admins can now turn off member’s ability to comment on posts. While this won't sound good for some people, it will surely be a relief for those trying to do with spammers who always use the comments section to spam groups. With this feature, you will not remove the member but ban him or her from placing comments.

Facebook also added another feature which automatically tags new members who join the group in an automated welcome message, customize by the Admin. This is more interesting to me.

Still on newly added features, Facebook also added a new feature called "member profile"which allows you to click on a members name to view their group-specific profile, where you can also find public stuff shared in common or together and also the activities of the person in the group.

It seems the latest Facebook update basically focused on groups management. To enjoy these stuffs, ensure your main Facebook app is updated. How do you see this features?
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