Have You Seen the Nokia 8 Durability Test?

According to Nokia, the Nokia 8 is their most powerful smartphone at the moment not because of the look but the durability and to remind you that over the years Nokia still maintain rugged and durable smartphones just like the days of old despite the fact that they are still transitioning into Android phone design.

The Nokia cost N192,000 and here we are going to see if it’s what that amount as its been subject to the burn, bend and scratch test.

The Nokia 8 was subjected to a burn test and it holds out pretty well, with the LCD display ink which gathered as a result of the heat clearing up in about 10 seconds.

In the scratch test though, the front panel of the Nokia 8 scratches easily. Well, it was expected as the phone's panel is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Anyway, it should be fine for day-to-day use.
The back of the phone is aluminum, which means a razor blade will scratch and damage it. The entire back camera section (which also features the LED flash) is covered by glass, so it won't scratch as easily as if it were plastic.

The bend test also showed a solid build despite using a 6000 series aluminum which Apple purportedly abandoned because their iPhones bend easily.

So far so good, Nokia legacy is still maintain and when it comes to durability, Nokia still remain the best.
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