How To Become a TSTV Decoder Product Dealer and Installer in Nigeria & Things You Will Need

Finally, the long awaited TSTV Africa is now available in Nigeria after it was launched yesterday. While everyone is happy to see this new digital pay TV network in the country, have you ever thought of how you will benefit from it in terms of employment? Of course it's expected that the arrival of TSTV in Nigeria will create more job opportunities for the teaming Nigerian youths so I have gathered some information on how to get employed by becoming a dealer or an installer of the decoder and dish.

As a TSTV dealer, you will be responsible for sales of the decoder either as a retailer, sub-dealer or a super dealer.

Depending on the size of your capital, manpower and office space you can make a choice of the deal you want. So here are the requirements for becoming TSTV dealer in Nigeria.


The basic requirements needed to become a TSTV dealer are stated below:
  • Must have a registered business
  • An office space in an accessible location
  • Must have staff/installers in your office
  • Start-up capital
If you have the above stated basic requirement, then you are good to proceed with the next step which is filling the online application form

To fill the form, click TSTV dealers registration and application form

The following details are required and should be kept handy when filling out the form:
  • Your full name
  • Registered Business name
  • Business Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email Address
  • Names of owners of the business
  • Type of business you are into
  • How long has the business been
  • How many staff do you have
  • Current volume takeof quantity
  • How much available capital for the business
  • A scanned copy of CAC document
  • Pictures of your office space
With the above details in hand you are good to apply as a TSTV dealer in Nigeria, carefully fill out the form and submit, if your application meets the requirement they will contact you.
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