How to Transfer MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9Mobile Airtime/Credit

Airtime Transfer is one of the means of topping up your GSM line. In transfer, a subscriber utilizes any of the means of recharging a GSM account, but then goes on to allocate a portion of the calling credit to another subscriber on the same network. 

The four major networks in Nigeria: Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo and MTN, all operate transfers under various terms. MTN calls theirs Share 'n' Sell. For Glo and Airtel, it is Me2U and 9Mobile Easy Airtime Transfer. Other recharge options include recharge cards, online top-up, ATM, VTU. Airtime Transfer allows you to transfer part or all of the balance airtime in your prepaid account to another prepaid account without burdening yourself with an immediate expense. 

It is convenient, as you do not have to go and look for a recharge card and input the long Recharge PIN before sending it to the recipient. It is flexible, as you are not constrained by the fixed denominations of recharge cards. You can recharge with such irregulars denominations as N58, N72, and so forth. It is secure, as the transfer transaction is PIN or password protected.

MTN Share and Sell is a credit transfer service provided by MTN Nigeria. It allows you to send credit from your prepaid MTN account to another MTN customer's prepaid account using SMS or USSD.

How to Set Up MTN Nigeria Share and Sell

MTN Nigeria Share and Sell is protected by a default password of 0000. Therefore, it is necessary to change the password before using the service to forestall unwanted use by a third party.

How to Change Your MTN Share and Sell Password

This involves sending an SMS command to 777. The SMS should be in this format: 
  • "Default PIN [space] New PIN [space] New PIN" (without the quotes), and sent to 777. 
Assuming you want to change your PIN to 4242, compose a text like this, 0000 4242 4242 and send it to 777. 

You can also change your PIN using USSD like this: 
  • Dial *601*default PIN*New PIN*New PIN# Send/Ok, 
for example, *601*0000*4242*4242#Send/Ok .
  • When the default PIN has been changed to a new PIN, you will receive a message informing you that your PIN was changed successfully.
Transferring Credit on MTN Network MTN Share and Sell 

SMS command code looks like this: 
  • Transfer [space] MTN Number [space] Amount [space] Password . 
For example, to transfer N250 to subscriber 0803 2222 333 and your password is 4242. Compose Transfer 08032222333 250 4242 and send to 777. 
  • Within seconds, you should receive a notification prompting you to confirm the transaction. Send the word, Yes to777 to confirm the transfer.
You can also transfer credit using USSD like this: 
  • Dial *600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#, 
for example, *600*08032222333*250*4242#. 
  • When the transfer has been completed, you will receive a message informing you that the transfer was successful. You can transfer a minimum of N50 and a maximum of N5,000 per transaction. You can transfer a cumulative amount of N10,000 per day.
Visit MTN website for more info.

Airtel Me2U

Airtel Me2U is a system developed by Airtel Nigeria that allows her subscribers transfer airtime value on-net, that is, an Airtel subscriber can transfer a portion of their airtime to Airtel subscriber.

How to Step Up Airtel Me2U

The default PIN is 1234. I recommend changing your PIN/Password to avoid unauthorized transfer of airtime from your account. Changing Your Me2U You will be required to send an SMS command to 432 to have your Me2U password changed.

To change your Me2U password, send the SMS command, 
  • "PIN [space] 1234 [space] New Password" to 432. 
Your composed text should have this form: "PIN 1234 4242" (without the quotes). 1234 is your default password. 4242 is the new password you want to change to. 
  • After sending "PIN 1234 4242" to 432, you will receive a notification that goes this way: "You new password is 4242".
Transferring Calling Credit on Airtel Network

To transfer airtime, send an SMS command in the following format: 
  • 2u [space] Airtel Number [space] Amount [space] PIN to 432. 
Assuming you want to transfer N200 worth of airtime to 0802 333 4444, SMS 2u 08023334444 200 4242 to 432, where 7892 is your new password. 
  • The Airtel beneficiary will receive a notification that their account has been credited with the relevant amount of airtime from your number. You will also be alerted to the success of the transfer.
What You Should Know About Airtel Me2U
  1. You will be charged the cost of an off- peak SMS rate (N10 at the time of publication of this post) for each successful transfer.
  2. Transfers must be on- net, that is, effected within the Airtel network. 
  3. Limitless number of transfers is feasible 
  4. You can also prompt other Airtel subscribers to send you airtime using the Credit Me service by dialing *141*8*recipient's number#. The recipient will receive an SMS from your number which reads: "Please Credit Me". Visit Airtel website to get more details.

Glo Nigeria Me2U

With Glo Me2U, you as a Glo Subscriber, can transfer airtime to another Glo subscriber. Glo Me2U is just another recharge option. Many Glo subscribers are not aware of the Glo Me2u airtime transfer service while some think that is no more working. Glo Me2u airtime transfer service is still working well.

Setting Up Glo Me2U

If it's going to be your first time ever, you need to enable/activate this service on your line. (Otherwise, simply skip to the next step below)
To activate Glo Me2U, simply 
  • dial *132*00000*New Pin *the PIN again# on your phone.
Note that those zeros are 5 in number and the password you wished to used must be 5 digit numbers too, only if you want it to work for you. The default Glo Me2U password is 00000.

Assuming you want to use '51512' as PIN, dial *132*00000*51512*51512#. 
  • A notification asking you to confirm the PIN will come on your phone. To accept, press 1, or press 2 to cancel.
  • After pressed 1, you will be informed that your password change was successful. You can now begin to transfer airtime
How To Transfer Airtime/Credit on Glo Nigeria Network

To transfer airtime, use the USSD command, 
  • *131*Glo Number*Airtime Amount*Password# Send/Ok. 
Example, to send N200 to subscriber 08055556666, input *131*08055556666*200*51512# and Send/Ok, assuming your password is 51512. Visit Glo website for more information.

9Mobile Easy Airtime Transfer Service

9Mobile Easy Airtime Transfer allows subscribers on the 9Mobile network to electronically transfer airtime from the existing credit on their prepaid account to another prepaid account.

Setting Up the 9Mobile Easy Airtime Transfer Service

Activation involves executing an USSD command. The default password is 0000. However, to change yours, dial: 
  • *247*0000*New Password# Send/Ok. 
For example, to change your PIN to 2345, input*247*0000*2345# Send/Ok . This password is also used to protect your transactions and special services such as call barring.

How to Transfer Credit on 9Mobile Network

The easy way to transfer credit on 9Mobile , use the USSD command,
  • *223*Password*Amount*Phone Number#. 
To transfer N250, for example, to subscriber 0809 222 6666, input*223*2345*250*08092226666# and press Send/Ok.

Note that you must have at least 10 Naira balance remaining after subtracting the amount you wish to transfer for the credit transfer to work.

Visit 9Mobile website to get further details.

Finally Airtime transfer is not reversible. Recall that all the above instructions are just examples. You can use any 4-digit number as your password or a 5- digit number in the case of Glo. Just choose a number that is difficult for others to guess, but easy for you to remember. Once you have changed your password, the new password should be used for transfer transactions.

You can always change your password if you feel it has been compromised. In the event that you want to change your password, your current password will assume the place of your default password in the format given for each network for password change. For example, if you have already changed your MTN Share and Sell password from the default 0000 to 4235 and you want to edit it again to 6672, compose a text like this, 4235 6672 6672 and send it to 777, not 0000 6672 6672 this time because your current password is no longer 0000. This principle also applies to other networks. Airtime transfer services provided by all the networks are also accessible via their Service Menu on the phone.
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