How to Use Swift 4G LTE 9 Hours Unlimited Free Browsing

Swift 4G LTE network is one of the high-speed broadband internet in Nigeria. Swift Nigeria only offers data/internet services unlike MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile that offers both voice and internet data services. Just like Ntel and Smile network, Swift 4G LTE is little-known because of inability of having network in the 36 states of Nigeria unlike Mtn, Glo Airtel and 9mobile.

Swift 4G LTE network has introduced a new package that gives subscribers unlimited internet access for a specified time during a particular time frame. It is not a cheat, but a free offer from Swift network provider and its being enjoyed mostly in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, PH, and some part of Enugu.

Swift 4G LTE network is giving free 9 Hours of UNLIMITED INTERNET access DAILY for 30 days with N3,000 which also gives you 3GB of data. This simply means, when you subscribe for the N3,000 for 3GB data plan, you get free 9 hours of unlimited internet access. It is not free browsing cheat, but an official offer or will I say, golden parachute added to the data plan.

Note that the 9 hours unlimited free browsing starts by 10pm to 7am, so the bonus is actually night browsing stuff while the remaining 3GB can be used in the remaining 15 hours (from 7:01am to 9:59pm), the plan valid for 30 days.

To Subscribe to Swift 4G LTE 9 Hours Unlimited Free Browsing
Check if Swift Network coverage is Available in your area by click here
Remember, you need to have a Swift 4G sim card, if you don't have, you can get from their office. Though they won't sell just the sim alone. They will likely ask you to buy it together with a Mifi.
If you already have the sim and there's coverage in your area, then subscribe your Swift 4G LTE online by click here or In Shops by click here
Now, for the subscription to be successful, select Swift Merit PROMO for N3,000 Naira.

After successfully subscribed to the plan, re-start your network and start blazing.To enjoy the Free 9 hours free browsing, once it's 10PM start blazing unlimited with high internet speed till 7AM and use the remaining 3GB from 7:01am to 9:59pm.
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