October 31st Glo Free Data Day Save the Date to Browse or Surf the Net For Free

Glo NG has turned this Free data day stuff as a routine. It seems customers are getting interested in the Glo free data day promo each time they partake in the Glo NG free data day offer and Glo NG is using this medium to acquire more customers to its network. For record purpose, this is the third time Glo NG has done this Free data day stuff.

This time the Glo NG third Free Data Day is holding on 31st of October, 2017. All Glo customers who meet the set threshold will enjoy 200MB, plus free chatting on WhatsApp all through the day.

According to Glo;
All Glo customers can now enjoy a whole day of free data when they meet set of voice and/or data usage threshold within 7 days to the free data day.
Note: There is NO Opt In. There is NO Subscription.
How to Browse Free on the Glo NG Free Data Day:
To enjoy Glo NG Free Data Day, ensure you do either of the following below in the 7 days preceding the announced Free data Day:
  • Use N150 or more on voice calls PLUS 100MB or more of data 
  • OR
  • Use N250 or more on voice calls.
If you meet the above requirements, you will receive an SMS announcing your eligibility for the free data day.

Tuesday 31st of October is the set day.

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