People are Misusing iPhones by Apple's Chief Designer

We all know very well that the tech giant Apple’s Chief Designer was undoubtedly one of the most important people in creating the products we all like today. As recently, the tech giant Apple’s Chief Designer explained that how people are simply misusing their iPhones.

In addition to Steve Jobs, Apple’s Chief Designer Jony Ive was undoubtedly one of the most important people in creating the products we all like today.

Over the past week, in a rare public interview, Jony Ive shared some thoughts and thoughts about the iPhone and stated that it is not being used in the right way by some people.

Over the last decade, the tech giant Apple has created incredible products and was able to give us devices we never thought we would need. In 2007 and 2010, Steve Jobs was able to present the iPhone and the iPad, respectively, and thereby create two new categories in the technology market.

In an interview with Jony Ive, during the New Yorker TechFest, several statements were said and many questions were answered. According to the Chief Designing Officer of the tech giant Apple, the iPhone was created to fill some needs that the mobile phones of the time were not yet capable.

When we were working on the iPhone, certainly, much of our motivation came from the bitterness created by the mobile phones we were using.

After this statement, the moderator of the conversation questioned Jony Ive: “Why? Did they feel bad about holding them, did not they work, or did they have a crappy design?”

In good mood, with his iconic British accent, Jony Ive said it was for all these reasons. In fact, most mobile phones at the time were of poor quality and were very unambitious.

In this conversation, addressed to all technology lovers and fans of Apple, could not miss the typical question: How the iPhone helped change the world?

In fact, this was a technology that revolutionized the communications world but which many people do not take advantage of. “Like any other tool, you can see incredible uses and misuse”.

Above all, I’ve criticized people who are completely addicted and who stick to the screen, forgetting the world around them. Between notifications and updates of social networks, there are countless users who forget real life. Still in this approach, Ive highlighted the importance that the tech giant Apple’s Watch has brought to its life in this regard.
Steve Jobs and the culture at Apple

In addition to many other topics of conversation, Steve Jobs could not be forgotten. No doubt his presence at Apple in the years closest to his death was something unique.

For Jony Ive, Steve Jobs was an excellent teacher who conveyed important values to him, such as the importance of focus for the creation of innovative products.
At our first meeting, in a rather shocking way, we clicked. We establish a mutual understanding.
The two became close friends. They had lunch together every day and worked in tune for much of the day. The culture at Apple is undoubtedly something different. The public expects the company to come up with incredible new products every year, and that creates certain feelings that sometimes become difficult to deal with.
I think we are a bunch of anxious and very worried people who generally assume they are not working unless they prove otherwise.
Certainly, at Apple, the recognition of the public is something of extreme importance for all who work there. When people are interested in new products and get excited, it means that all the work was worth it.
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