Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To Feature On-Screen Fingerprint Reader

We all know very well that recently, the tech giant Apple presented iPhone X with a facial recognition scanner. But everyone was waiting for this new Apple mobile with a fingerprint reader under the screen. However, now the reports are indicating that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could feature the On-Screen fingerprint reader.

The iPhone X was presented last September 12 with a facial recognition scanner. But everyone was waiting for this new Apple mobile with a fingerprint reader under the screen. Something that could count the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

That is what we have known now thanks to one of many analysts who venture to advance the future of different devices and devices from different manufacturers, usually the most quoted.

In this case he has been one of the most active in the sector, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI, who has ventured to advance a function that would count the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and that precisely was shuffling until the end for the iPhone X, and which is partly responsible for the delay suffered by the new flagship of the Cupertino, of course, the tech giant Apple.

We are talking about the fingerprint reader under the screen, which has been speculating not only on the iPhone X for the past few months but also on other flagship Android. In fact, according to this analyst, there are already three companies that are already competing for the commission to manufacture these fingerprint readers under the screen of the device.

This means that we could continue to identify ourselves by fingerprint just by pressing a zone of the screen, since this would integrate into the bottom of the panel, under the screen.

According to this analyst the company BeyondEyes and the South Korean giant Samsung subsidiary, Samsung LSI, would have already sent sample materials to begin testing this technology. The third in discord would be Egis.

The technology that would use the South Korean giant Samsung would be different than the one that shuffled the tech giant Apple with Synaptics since in this case would be based on that the OLED screen could be deformed to be used like a light source for the own fingerprint reader.

Although mobile manufacturers increasingly choose 3D identification, we are sure that many would still prefer an invisible fingerprint reader integrated into the screen. For this reason, we ask you how you prefer to unlock the mobile phone with facial identification or fingerprint reader under the screen? Simply share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.
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