Things You Should Know About TSTV Decoder, Price, Packages and More

The long awaited TSTV decoder is still on his way to us, this is for those who have anticipated for this new TSTV Satellite decoder. Most especially the free 20GB that comes with the TSTV decoder. The TSTV decoder was finally launched yesterday and we are waiting for them dispatch their decoder to various TSTV decoder dealers i made mention of on my previous post.

Things You Should Know About TSTV Decoder, Price, Packages and More
Equipment cost: TSVT decoder +Remote+ dish goes for N5000. This exclude installation cost. Depending on who will be installing for you, it shouldn’t be more than N1,500

20GB of Data: On Purchase of TSTV decoder you get free 20GB of data as a bonus but subsequently, you’ll get 10GB if you are subscribing for a full month.

Pause Subscription: You can only pause your subscription for seven days. Which means you have 7 days of grace plus your 30 days validity period. Meaning you can’t use your full month subscription for 60 days or more. Pause Subscription is Only Available for 1 month subscription plan.

TSTV on Quickteller: You will be able to pay your TSTV decoder subscription on Quickteller as it has now been added to the e-payment platform

Data Allocation: You don’t need data to watch any TSTV channels. It’s just a Value Added Services to all TSTV subscribers. For instance if you subscribe for 1 month, You’ll get 10GB Free data from TSTV.

TSTV Movie Box: This box contains series of new movies available for purchase for a token of N300.

Daily Subscription cost as low as N200, 3 days subscription (N500), Weekly subscription (N750) etc.

Note that the data is usable on any devices available via TSTV wi-fi. And you can always buy 1GB of data for N300 once you exhaust your data. We await the sales of the decoder to commence. Dealers Allocation is currently ongoing.
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