Working Method | How to SIM Unlock MTN Mifi E5573Cs-322 Huawei Device

In this post, i will be showing you how i successfully SIM unlocked my MTN Huawei Mifi E5573Cs-322 device. i will be going straight to the point on showing you how you can also unlock your own MTN Huawei Mifi E5573Cs-322 device, so it can support any SIM card you insert into it.

The original interface and details of the MTN Mifi E5573Cs-322 Huawei device

Things You Should Know Before you SIM Unlock your MTN Huawei Mifi E5573Cs-322
  • This guide can also be used to unlock Spectranet Huawei E5573Cs-609 device.
  • Do not disconnect the device from the PC until you've flashed the last update file so as not to encounter driver issues.
  • The WEB-ui included has the idea 4G interface but it has an extra feature which the default interface doesn't (USSD feature i.e you can dial USSD codes directly from the device)
  • If after following the entire procedure and your device seems bricked (i.e blinking the two green lights) , then simply install the E5573cs_Update_21.318.03.00.00 firmware again then restart your device. The device should now work properly.
Things You Will Need to SIM Unlock Your MTN Huawei Mifi E5573Cs-322
  • A computer system or laptop (PC) running on windows 7 for best result
  • Swift-E5775 software for installing drivers
  • Balong usb downloader software
  • usbloader-5573cs-322 software
  • E5573cs_Update_21.318.03.00.00 firmware
  • E5573cs_Update_21.318.99.03.00 firmware
  • Update_WEBUI_17. firmware
  • MTN Huawei E5573Cs-322 Mifi device to be cracked
  • DC unlocker
  • Good USB cable (preferably the one that came with the MTN Huawei E5573Cs-322 Mifi device)
How to SIM Unlock MTN Mifi E5573Cs-322 Huawei Device
  • Remove the sim and battery from the device
  • Mount the Swift-E5775 iso and install the software on the PC (it would install the drivers we would be needing)
  • Dismantle the device down to the motherboard
  • Connect the battery but don't power on the device
  • Boot shot the device
  • Connect the device to the PC via USB, the device should be recognized by the PC.
  • Launch balong USB downloader
  • Click on detect > the device should be detected and labelled
  • Click on the small box labelled as "...", in the new window that opens, locate the usbloader-5573cs-322.bin file and select it
  • Click on Load and allow the procedure to complete.
  • Once the process is complete, you should see the progress bar at 100% (do not disconnect your device from the PC)
  • Now immediately open the E5573cs_Update_21.318.99.03.00.exe file 

  • In the window that open, click Next and allow the update process to complete
  • Once successful, you should see the update successful message
  • Now immediately launch and also flash the Update_WEBUI_17. 
  • Once successful, launch and flash the E5573cs_Update_21.318.03.00.00 
  • At this point, the device should be unlocked and usable but without a valid IMEI and SN number

on How To fix the IMEI and SN number,click here.

Now the device is unlocked and with IMEI and SN number intact and you can enjoy your MTN Mifi E5573Cs-322 Huawei Device with multi SIM cards.

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Credit: Hovatek
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