Apple Face ID Was Fooled by a Security Firm with a Mask

Face ID is Apple’s latest security feature. It was introduced in the iPhone X as a replacement for Touch ID, since the design of the phone doesn’t allow for the fingerprint scanner to remain in front and Apple doesn’t want it positioned at the back.

Apple claims that Face ID is so secure that the odds of a random person using their face to break into someone's iPhone X is one in one million. But a security firm called Bkav has been able to bypass Apple Face ID and trick it because it understand how AI works.

For example, silicone was employed for the nose and 3D printing was used on other areas. The security firm says that Apple is relying too much on the feature's Artificial Intelligence.

The mask cost $150 to make, and Bkav says that with its ability to break into the iPhone X, the mask could be used to learn personal secrets from political leaders, business executives and billionaires. The firm says that facial recognition is not a good security tool and says that when it comes to biometrics, a fingerprint scanner is the best way to keep intruders from breaking into your phone.

Bkav has released a video that shows how the mask beats Face ID but it doesn’t include all the details. The firm says that is because their experiment is a proof of concept whose purpose is to prove a principle.

No comment from Apple yet.
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