Are you Ready For 11/11 Global Sales Festival For Lot of Massive Discounts

If you have never heard of it, November 11 aka 11/11, is the Chinese Single's Day which transformed from a celebration of relationship status to something akin to Black Friday. It is China’s biggest shopping day the planet biggest online shopping event.

Lots of items will be discounted and will be sold at a giveaway price. I’m guessing you have a lot of things to buy ranging from smartphones, gadgets and appliances, shoes etc. 11/11/17 is at the corner, save your money and get it at a discounted price from any of the chinese stores like AliExpress, etc

Note, this is not black Friday… more Black Friday deals are still coming and will be posted here.
Xiaomi has posted a long list of deals it will be offering next Saturday at a highly discounted rate on Aliexpress so you and your friends can plan accordingly. See the list of deals here

Check out more 11/11 deals here

You can get lots of free coupons upto 10 from AliExpress to shop 11/11 deals on PC and mobile. It is Chinese Global Festival!
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