How to Download and Install WWE 2k18 APK OBB Data Mod for Android 2018 Free

How to Download WWE 2k18 Apk, OBB, Data file Mod for Android devices. WWE 2k18 is the latest version of popular Wrestling game coming as a successor to previous WWE 2k17 which was massively downloaded, installed and played by many mobile phone users worldwide. The game is available both on PC and mobile version but in this context, am focusing on the Android version.
World Wrestling Entertainment otherwise known as WWE in abbreviation is an American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company that deals primarily in professional wrestling, with revenue also coming from film, music, video games, product licensing, and direct product sales but over the years, Android game developers has created several Mod versions and released them for free download on Android phones and tablets.

Although the licensed version of this WWE 2k18 game is officially available on the website, we noticed some people still prefer the customized free versions known as MOD so if you belong to this category, this post is for you. Head over to the download link below to get and install the game on your phone.


  • First, download WWE 2k18 APK 2018 here
  • Then, Download WWE 2k18 OBB Data file from here
Note: the game is currently not available in all countries.
  • Now copy the above files you downloaded into the root internal storage space of your android device.
  • Next, launch the APK file on your android device. This will install the WWE 2k18 game your Android smartphone
  • The next action is to copy the OBB file right from the root internal storage of the Android device you are using and then paste to the location of Internal Storage>Android>OBB.
  • Finally, locate the installed game apk in your phone app menu and tap on it to run and enjoy the fun of playing wrestling game on your Android. In case you don't know, checkout the features of this latest version below. 


  • The WWE 2k18 APK android game includes all the popular characters of the real world such as John Cena, The Rock, Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, Big show, Roman Reings, etc. People love to play the role of their favorite wrestlers, and this game has made it the reality.
  • The WWE 2k18 APK and data contains real WWE action. Entrance style of the wrestler and their moves seems the exact copy of real ring.
  • By using the highly flexible features, you can create your own customized wrestling star with the help of WWE 2k18 APK and file.WWE 2k18 APK only enables you to unblock the unique rewards of games which may surprise the users.
  • A new feature of live multiplayer matches has also added to the WWE 2k18 APK data. With this feature, gamers from worldwide can connect to each other and play the exciting games.
  • WWE 2k18 APK free game has made a realistic view of surroundings with backstage brawls and fighting in the crowd type effects.
  • With an official soundtrack of WWE 2k18 APK app download game has become an icon in the gaming industry.
  • New wrestlers have been added in the game with latest moves. It will surely surprise many game players.
  • There are lots of options to choose between wrestlers. More than 150 characters are added in the new WWE 2k18 APK free download for the mobile game.
  • The game comes with OBB data because lots of features WWE have been added to it. Separate 2k18 APK OBB data can be downloaded from the server, and you can play all of your favorite characters. 
  • You can download MOD version of this game which has already unlocked all the features of the game for free. Also the OBB data MOD is available to open and run the whole match.
  • This is a high definition game with excellent graphics quality. These graphics gives you a realistic experience of the fight as appear on television. You can also download WWE 2k18 APK for PC.


  • Playing WWE 2k18 APK game is as simple as a beginner to mobile games can also play it. The installed game present with OBB data in your phone will give you too much fun and enjoyment. 
  • Just tap on the game icon and open it. Game MODes will appear where you have to choose a particular method such as live multiplayer option or single player option.
  • Choose any of them according to your preference and open the characters list.
  • In the given list of more than 150 wrestlers, choose your favorite one.
  • Now select your opponent and choose the match type.
  • Various types of games will appear such as exhibition match, king of the ring, money in the bank match.
  • Tap on your favorite one and start playing. Your favorite wrestling character will enter the ring exactly as the real one do on television.
  • Enter the ring and wait for the entry of your opponent. 
  • After the arrival of the opponent, the match will start where you have to perform various moves exactly as the wrestlers do in the real world.
  • WWE APK game has many additional features such as start fighting in the audience rows which make the user feel like real one. 
That's all on how to free download WWE 2k18, and upgrade to WWE 2k17. Enjoy your game.
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