How-To Geek is Looking for a Freelance Product Review Writer (for Review Geek)

Are you a Geek when it comes to product review? or you think you have the perfect combination of product knowledge and writing skills? How-To Geek is looking for a few experienced freelance writers to join the team at Review Geek.

How-To Geek is Looking for a Freelance Product Review Writer (for Review Geek)
How-To Geek is Looking for a Freelance Product Review Writer (for Review Geek)

What How-To Geek is Looking For

According to them:
We are looking for freelance writers that can research products across a wide spectrum of topics—don’t worry, you’ll be researching products newer than the typewriter above—ranging from travel pillows to tablets and everything in between.
One day we might be looking at external hard drives, and the next we might be looking at bluetooth-enabled rice cookers. Is that a thing? It’s probably a thing—and if we hire you it might be your job to find the best one.
The work is freelance, with per-article or per-hour compensation depending on the position, where you set your own hours and write articles for us on your schedule. But we aren’t looking for people who simply want to write an article now and then—flexible schedule or not, you’ll need the free time to write consistently.

If you are interested in applying, You will need to meet these minimum requirements:
  • You can write in coherent standard U.S. English. Think it’s silly we have to spell that out? If you read some of the applications we get, you’d put it at the top too.
  • You’re creative and can come up with article ideas, workshop ideas with your colleagues, and contribute to the team culture. Further, and importantly, you can handle feedback and editorial oversight professionally.
  • You must be at least 18 years old and have your own computer.
  • You are good at editing images of all sorts including everything from quick screenshots to product photo touch ups—we’re all about pretty pictures and you’ll be in charge of stocking your articles with them.
How to Apply For How-To Geek Freelance Product Review Writer
  1. Send an email to with the subject Review Geek Writer and include the following in your email:
  2. Explain why your skills are worth showcasing to millions of readers each month.
  3. Your name and location.
  4. Any previous experience you have with writing and/or blogging, particularly on the beat in question (if applicable).
  5. Whether or not you are currently employed and, if so, what you do.
  6. A brief overview of the topics you are familiar with in the world of technology.
  7. Most Important: We want a writing sample. If you have previous writing to showcase, particularly writing with an emphasis on technology, product reviews, or tech-related explainers, include a links to the samples in your email. If you have a personal blog, a forum account, or a active commenter account from anywhere, feel free to include that as well.
According to How-To Geek:
We don’t have normal office hours, or even an office, so you can be located anywhere–this is strictly a telecommuting job (although only US residents are eligible for the full-time positions).
Bonus points if you can find the grammatical error in this post.
Do you think you can fit in? Apply now and do well to share this post because someone might be interested. 
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