How to See Photos in Facebook Free Mode (Freebasic)

This post will show you a trick on how to view photos while using Facebook free mode otherwise known as freebasic. Ever since freebasic internet browsing was introduced in Nigeria about a year ago, it has saved many people especially those that find it difficult to afford data subscription because with free basic, you can visit some websites without airtime or active data plan on your phone.
At the moment, it's only Airtel and 9Mobile networks that supports freebasic internet in Nigeria. I don't know what MTN and Globacom are waiting for. Not that on Facebook free mode, you won't be able to view photos but with this trick, you can now view photos, pictures, images uploaded by people on Facebook. This simple trick is made possible with the help of the Facebook lite app which is the network and data friendly version of facebook app. It loads faster, saves battery, data and of course works in areas with poor network reception unlike the regular Facebook app.

So without wasting much time, I will like to begin with the requirements you need in order to see/show/view Facebook photos on free mode. Let's go there.

Things You Will Need
  • An Android phone
  • 9Mobile or Airtel SIM card without airtime or active data plan
  • The Facebook Lite app; you can install it from playstore or simply by clicking here. 
  • You network should have at least a decent 2G service but 3G or 4G are better. 
How to See Photos in Facebook Free Mode (Freebasic)
  1. After downloading and installing the FB lite app, open it and log in (if it's your first time using it) 
  2. After about a minute, close the app
  3. Switch off your Data
  4. Now head over to your phone Settings > locate App > scroll down to Facebook lite > tap it, then clear the data of the Facebook lite.
  5. Then switch on your data and launch your Facebook Lite application
  6. Enter your login details again
At this moment, you will notice that it won't load when trying to login, all you need to do is just exit the fb lite app and open it again. This time, it should load. You will be welcomed to data mode and also see option for switching back to free mode.
At this juncture, you will notice that you are on Data mode and you will start seeing all pictures. This means all images and photos will be visible for you to see now in Facebook free mode (freebasic) but you won't be able to watch videos on the Facebook Lite application.

That's how to see pictures on Facebook free mode. Why not give it a try if you have no data on your Airtel or 9Mobile SIM? Let's know your observations via the comments box.
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