NPower Apologizes to Applicants, Says Its Technical Error

The 2017/2018 N-Power physical verification and release of successful applicants name has been controversial with some uncertainty from the first day till the time scheduled for the names to be accessed by the public.
First, the platform revealed that some applicants (about 300,000) were shortlisted as being successful but said that they can only check their names on the 20th of November 2017 starting from 11.30pm but when it was time, people who anxiously logged in to the Npower website to check theirs weren't able to access the site. This led to some of the applicants angrily ranting on social media and raining curses on the FG and people in charge.

Now, it seems the issue has been resolved as N-Power has sent apology message to the general public, claiming it was a technical issue. Below is the message;
We apologize to the men and women who kept vigil with us from 11.30pm.
Yes, we experienced some technical difficulty but it has been addressed now and applicants can log in to see their pre-selection status.
Now let's know if you were able to check yours.
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