Top 7 Reasons to Clean Your Windows PC Registry

The registry is the most important component of your Windows PC and it's sensitive as well. But what is it all about? The Windows Registry is simply a database arranged in hierarchy and the settings for everything on your Windows PC is stored on it. It can be hardware, software, and user profiles configuration information. Another work of the registry is to control and manage the working of all programs installed on your computer. You can say that Windows system cannot work without the help of the registry. Whenever you boot the system, all the registry is read into memory. It means the role of the registry starts from the boot-up of the machine. When it's corrupted or malfunctions, your system won't work properly or won't even boot.
Having said that, it is paramount to regularly clean your Windows PC registry to keep it free from unwanted entries which clusters around it. If you are a little bit techy or conversant with it, you can do this without installing any third-party software or app but if you aren't sure of what you are doing, you can use apps that let you achieve it seamlessly.

Registry cleaners are apps/software that provide you with an easy, efficient and reliable method to scan and clean the Windows registry. They ensure high performance of your system as your PC remains error free. Some of the best Windows registry cleaners are CleanMyPC, RegClean Pro, CCleaner, Registry Booster


1. Uninstallation of Apps

Do you know that whenever an application is installed on your PC, it creates several entries to the registry? Once that is done, the said application works properly. However, when you uninstall that same application, some of these entries remains in the registry's database thereby creating problems of increased database size which makes your computer to slow down, sluggish and slow to respond to certain commands.

2. Old Entries

Similarly, all the tasks you perform on your computer generates and record entries in the database which increases overtime so you have to regularly run a scan and clean them up to keep your PC fresh and in optimal performance.

3. Program Re-installation

Any time an application is re-installed, some keys are added without deleting the keys that were added to the first-time installation of that application. This again increases the size of the registry.

4. Vacant Spaces

Now, this is somehow strange. It's now obvious that whenever an entry is deleted, it leaves a vacant space. These unwanted spaces keep on building from time to time until it leads to registry fragmentation and makes it unstable. This causes the system slowdown and increases the data access time.

5. Malicious Entries

Viruses and Malware are enemies to PC owners and the reason is not farfetched. In this situation, when a virus, Trojans, spyware, malware, and adware attack your system, they automatically insert invalid entries in the registry. These entries generate system errors. Thus, they damage the registry and causes the system to breakdown.

6. Registry Keys That Are Almost Impossible To Remove

Most paid software comes with a license keys with agreement which wants you to enter the license Key to save license information on your system. Many spyware and malware programs also add irremovable entries to the registry. Thus, the number of keys keep increasing to cause the registry to an unstable system.

7. System Shutdown

Whenever your system boots, it moves the registry to system memory to ensure faster data access. But this must be noted that any changes done in the registry during the operational time, are updated to the system registry during the shutdown process. These registry entries get corrupted if there is a power failure or system crash take place or improper shutdown is done.

Therefore, a good registry cleaner is always a better option if you are not much familiar with the registry. It scans and cleans the registry and fragments it to make it compact also. It results in faster application response time and overall smoother PC performance. With time and due to various installations and un-installations in your system, many invalid registry entries are created.

Even accessing, moving or deleting files from your system create invalid registry entries. These entries may produce problems in your system and bulk your registry over time. A good registry cleaner scans your system for any registry errors, and if found then fix them. It also fragments the registry to keep it streamlined.
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