3 Reasons Your Next Phone Should Run Stock Android

Stock Android is the best version of Android. It’s the way Google imagined Android should be. It’s clean- something that a lot of users love. Today we’ll list 3 reasons describing why your next phone should run stock Android.

The OEMs, however, customize the OS to such extent that it loses the finesse it had as the unadulterated version. While some do so to offer value to users, some do so just because they can. The main reason I can think of is to look different from the competition. No doubt, some OEMs provide amazing features to their users due to their complete control over the OS, but these features do come with a cost. Here are 4 things that you gain if you are in Stock Android.


Lack of security is the biggest criticism Android is facing. No doubt, Android is awesome but multiple flaws have been found in the OS over the years. To state the obvious, Android is not the most secure OS in the world. However, Google is working hard to make it secure. They release security patches every month with latest safety updates and bug fixes to make your device secure.

If you have a stock Android device, you’ll get monthly security updates as soon as they are made available. The same can’t be said for the highly themed or skinned Android. Yes, such devices do get updates but they are delayed as the OEMs have to make necessary customizations first, before pushing it to the public. Moreover, a lot of devices don’t even receive a single security update.

Latest & The Best Android

When you run stock Android, not only you revive consistent security updates, you also receive various bug fixes and enhancement updates. Also, when a new version of Android is launched, you’ll be among the first ones to receive it.

Thanks to the OEMs and their customization, the updates are heavily delayed. Moreover, many users spend years on the same version, despite new one being available.

Stock devices, on the other hand, just like security updates, receive Android updates as soon as Google makes it available.

Less Bloatware

Ah, bloatware. If you run a skinned version, you know what I’m talking about. Many OEMs put so much of bloatware on their devices that it easily gets frustrating. I mean, do you really need two different app stores, cloud drives, browsers, email apps, etc.?

Each Android device comes with some pre-installed Google Apps. There’s no need to have another app of the same kind.

This creates unnecessary clutter and results in consumption of storage by the apps you’ll never use. And, the worst thing is that such apps aren’t easy to uninstall. There’s no such problem with stock Android, as a result, such devices have better performance.
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