Google Chrome Browser For Android to Get HDR Support

This is a good news particularly to Android users and more especially for people like me who can't do without Chrome Web browser. HDR which simply stands for High-contrast Dynamic Content is gradually being integrated in electronic devices for much improved video quality and media.
Latest Google Chrome​ updates for Android will soon be able to extract the HDR metadata directly from the video drivers and pass them to the MediaCodec class. The HDR video is then converted to the 10-bit VP9 Profile 2 codec for use with the supported device. Sorry for the techy words here. I have no option than to use them but I will try make it more understandable by the time you are done reading it. 

The improvement provided in Chrome will bring results like higher video quality in the near future as we do not know when Google will deploy the feature in your mobile browser.

In recent times, we have seen Games, movies, videos, and series being produced with HDR technology that maintains a more excellent contrast between the lighter and darker areas of the image, creating a more realistic composition.

It's worth knowing that Google added HDR support from the Android 7.0 Nougat version which activated the feature to accommodate a series of devices that already had a technology-ready display.

For instance, applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies were all upgraded, and electronic devices such as Galaxy S8, Note 8, iPhones 2017, Xperia XZ Premium and several others began to enjoy the best video quality because of HDR technology.
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