Google Electronic Screen Protector Let You Detect People Secretly Looking at Your Phone Screen

This happen all the time most especially if you are in a public transport or a public function, someone can just confidently be looking at your smartphone, reading your chat, looking at your photos which isn’t right.
The good news is, a solution is in the work to fix the problem. Google is currently working on a technology called electronic screen protector; the technology uses the phone's front camera in combination with eye-detecting artificial intelligence to alert you when more than one person is looking at the screen.

This is how it works below;

The video shows the software interrupting a Google messaging app to display a camera view, with the peeking perpetrator identified and given a Snapchat-esque vomit rainbow. Ryu and Schroff claim the system works with different lighting conditions and poses, and can recognize a person’s gaze in 2 milliseconds.

Google researchers Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff will present this project called electronic screen protector, at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in California next week.
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