Google Launches Data-Friendly Search App - Google Go

Google introduces a data-friendly search app dubbed as Google Go. Its a low-data alternative to the regular Google app. This app lets you search Google, but it's tuned for situations where mobile data might not be available consistently or cheaply. You can save pages offline, get notifications when search results are ready, and load "lite"versions of pages.
This app will equally be handy where you are experiencing a slow-motion internet connection on your desired network. Aside of performance, the app is focused on enabling discovery beyond search.

That’s to say that it showcases ‘featured snippets’ which give a summary of topics, related content to search results, and suggested topics. There’s also support for trending searches, and you can use voice inputs for search, too.

The app was first spotted in August when it was in beta stage - known as search lite and now it has been released for selected android users.

Google File Go that was in beta spotted few weeks ago, is now live in Google Playstore.

Where Can I Download Google Search Lite?
You can download it here
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