How to Create a Twitter Thread

Twitter has added a new feature called twitter thread.It is a string of tweets sent as a reply to each other. This purpose of this feature is to link all the tweets within a topic together hence making it easily accessible in one place. Once you open any of the tweets in the thread, you will be able to see the previous and subsequent tweets in that thread.
There is a character limit of 280 in each line which also represents one tweet.
Twitter users can as well add the same amount of media – like GIFs, images, videos, and more – to any individual tweet in the thread as done in regular Twitter tweets.

In a similar development, you can tap a button while writing your tweet to link a second tweet to it and so forth. After that, you can then tap on 'Tweet all' and the entire thread will be posted at once. Interestingly, you can even add more or new tweets to the existing thread by simply tapping on the "add another tweet" .

Here is How to Create a Twitter Thread

1. Compose the first tweet the way you would compose a normal tweet
2. Tap the plus button to add the next tweet to your thread
3. Repeat the second step to add as many tweet to your thread as possible
4. Once you are done, hit the publish button

How to Identify a Twitter Thread
Twitter threads will have a 'Show this thread' label and tapping it will open the entire thread.

According to Twitter, there’s currently a limit of 25 entries in a thread, but that number may be subject to change depending on how the feature is adopted by the wider user base.

Availability of this Feature
This features will be rolling out to iOS, Android and web in the coming weeks.
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