How to Download Large Files With Airtel Social Data Bundle Using Opera Mini

Airtel Social Data Bundle helps you to stay connected to your favorite apps such as Facebook, Twitter, We chat, Opera Mini, WhatsApp and so on.
Airtel Social Data Bundle has been existing for long and many Airtel users have actually been using it. For those who are hearing it for the first time, the plan is usually capped at download limit of 15MB per file, this means that if you try to download any file above 15MB, it won't work, but with the instruction below, you will be able to download large files with the Airtel social data bundle, files from 15MB and above.

Airtel Social Data Bundle is of three offers, though the best is the last offer which is the N300 for 1GB which lasts for 25 days. Also included offers are the Monthly plan N200 for 25 days about 500MB and the weekly plan, N100 for 5 days. You can dial *688# to see the offers.

How To Download Large Files (Above 15MB) With Airtel Social Bundle
  1. Opera Mini 7.5 is the best for this trick - Download it Here
  2. Installing the opera and don’t set anything, simply scroll down and hit save
  3. Switch ON your data and browse through the file you want to download, in the download page, tap and hold the download link, and Select open in new tab, but don’t visit the new tab you created
  4. Once you click open in new tab, quickly hit reload And wait for the page to be reloading, before the page finishes reloading, the other tab you opened will pop up your download options, asking you to either save or cancel, don’t rush, I mean don’t be in a haste to click save (if you do that you will obstruct the trick), wait for the page to finish reloading so when it's done loading
  5. Then, you are free to hit SAVEThe file will start downloading in a few seconds. You can now download big files with the Airtel unlimited social data bundle tweak on your Android phone using Opera Mini.
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