WhatsApp Upcoming Update For Web, Private Replies and PIP Feature

We’ve seen a lot of updates from the popular messaging app WhatsApp this year and some of the upcoming features to be added to WhatsApp has been tipped by an insider @Wabetainfo known for publishing upcoming features of whatsApp atleast 90% correct in must cases.
According to Wabetainfo, this update will be available for WhatsApp Web/Desktop version in the future. They are currently undergoing development. So if you are using WhatsApp web/desktop, expect to see this upcoming features.

Private Replies: WhatsApp is improving the reply feature, and in future the app will allow the user to privately reply to a message received in a group.

There will be a new option called “Reply privately”: when selected, WhatsApp will automatically open the chat with the contact to send a message. The sent message will quote the group message.

Picture in Picture Feature: WhatsApp will allow the user to watch sent and received videos in a new separated window: this is the PiP feature!
A new icon will be available when you’re watching the video:

When the user selects this option, the picture in picture will be started with the selected video, presenting a new window with a very nice UI.

All will be available in the nearby future, hopefully 2018. But I can’t wait to have the Admin super power features cos’ some ass needs to be wiped.
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