Zanco T1 | Meet the World's Smallest Phone that is 4x smaller than iPhone

This is an introduction to the world smallest fully functional phone. The Zanco tiny t1 mobile phone is smaller than your thumb, lighter than a coin and is ridiculously cute. Seeing it at first, you can barely believe it exist. Your second thought is why does it exist? When you look a third time you realize how much you want it.
The T1 is a cellphone stripped down to the very basics: USB charging port, keyboard, speaker and microphone.
There's also a lanyard attachment, so you can wear it around your neck.The Zanco tiny t1 will work with any mobile phone network. You can change the nano-SIM at any time if you want to change your network too.
The tiny phone operates on the 2G network. The battery has 3 days standby and 180 minutes talk time. It is four times smaller than an iPhone, but 10,000 times cuter.
  1. 300 Phonebook memory 
  2. Stores 50 SMS Messages
  3. Stores the last 50 in/out numbers
  4. Nano Sim
  5. 32RAM + 32ROM
  6. 12.5mm OLED screen
  7. Micro USB charger
  8. 13 Voice changers
It's the ‘must have’ gadget of 2018 – If you're a gadget geek, you have got to have this! You can go to Kickstarter to back this project up.
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