How To Check Airtel 4G LTE in Nigeria Location if its Available

Recently news popped up about airtel being set to launch their own 4G LTE Network in Nigeria. Around last year almost all the top network providers in Nigeria including MTN, Etisalat and Glo launched their respective 4G LTE network which is an upgrade to 3G network in terms of speed.
However, Airtel customers waited the network to rollout their own 4G LTE network but it didn't happen until the last quarter of 2017 when Airtel NG partnered with Ericson for core network upgrade. It was a three year contract deal to enable faster mobile broadband.

Interestingly, there are reports coming up in some parts of the country that Airtel 4G LTE is available. In this post, I will show you how to check if the 4G network is available in your location.

How To Check Airtel 4G LTE in Nigeria Location if its Available 
To run the test, 
  1. Open your 4G smartphone’s settings and 
  2. navigate to Mobile networks > 
  3. Network operators > 
  4. Search networks. 
  5. Tap Search networks to start a search.
If you see Airtel NG 4G in the list of available networks, then it means it's available in your location.

Well, after running the check on my phone, I didn't see the 4G LTE.
You can let us know by commenting your result and location via the comments section below and do well to share this post.
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