How to Download JAMB 2018 CBT Android APK Application

Looking for JAMB CBT 2018 apk Application? Search no more because JAMB CBT 2018 apk Application for 2018 academic year has been launched.
  • Are you looking for the JAMB CBT 2018 App APK for practicing JAMB questions? 
  • Do you want to download JAMB UTME Practice Application which allows candidates to practice all JAMB questions and enable them to perform well and Score high during the main Examination.
This post got you covered. In this post, i will be showing you how to download the JAMB CBT 2018 APK application and how to use them.


This is a mobile application which allows JAMB Candidates to practice a lot of questions which JAMB has set during their previous examinations on an android phone. This mobile application contains JAMB Past questions and answers and other related guide for JAMB candidates to play with.

How to Download JAMB 2018 CBT Android APK Application

They are many importance of JAMB UTME 2018 apk Practice application but we are going to tell you the most important of all.
  1. JAMB CBT 2018 application APK Exposes you to JAMB Past Questions because JAMB Repeats Past Questions in every of they Examination.
  2. It Allows one to practice JAMB Questions as if they are writing the Main JAMB Examination.
  3. Because you have access to a lot of questions which JAMB Has set before during the previous examinations, you will score very high in the Exam
Download The JAMB CBT 2018 Application From Play Store Here
Features of the JAMB 2018  CBT APK App for Android Phones (APK)

  1. Free To Download And Use But You Will Need To Activate it Once And Use For a Life Time
  2. 13,400 Questions Available Offline – practice authentic UTME past questions from 23 subjects with explanations.
  3. Practice By Topics – gain mastery of any topic by practicing questions from any topic of interest
  4. Practice One Or More Subjects At Once – you can easily take more than one subject at a time.
  5. In Dependence – revise the recommended literature with over 350 likely questions
  6. Voice (Text-To-Speech) – you can listen to questions and explanation in an interesting way.
  7. Voice Control – control next button, previous button, submit button and so on with your voice.
  8. Intelligent Personal Assistant – get real-time advise on what topic to improve upon after each practice by voice.
  9. Built-In Calculator – use the built-in calculator to crunch numbers without leaving the exam interface.
  10. Rich Result – get detailed analysis on how you perform on any exam.
  11. Bookmarks – bookmark any question that you wish to view later.
  12. School Finder – use School Finder to make smarter decision on what school or course to enroll.
  13. All Subject Dictionary – get definition of terms from all major subjects with 92,000 terms offline.
  14. Decide Everything – easily change the number of questions, exam year, exam time, exam mode and username.
  15. No Subscription Fee – once activated, forever activated for all subjects!
  16. You Will Only Pay Once For The Activation Key and it remains forever Activated, No more payment or charges.
  17. You Can Still Download The App And Use For Free Before Activation.
Download The JAMB 2018 CBT Application From Play Store Here
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